Tredha Vidhiyate Tasya Yah Sthavishtho

Tredha Vidhiyate Tasya Yah Sthavishtho Dhatustatpurisham Bhavati Yo Madhyamastanmaosam Yo~nishthastanmanah

Meaning: Food has three parts. Whatever is eaten has three simultaneous effects accordingly. The gross part is what is not consumed by the body (by metabolism) and is excreted; the subtler part, referred as "rasa" (in Ayurveda ) is used in making the elements (flesh, bone, etc) of the gross body; the subtlest, invisible part contributes to nourishing the mind . The above-mentioned subtler properties and effects of the food we eat are most sensitive to the sentiments with which the food is prepared and eaten. If we pay attention to this fact and adopt the disciplines laid down by the rishis and the ancient experts of Ayru veda , the food we eat could provide enormous benefits to our physical, mental and spiritual health . More and more people are being attracted now-a-days towards the so-called fast-foods, eating anything preferred as tasty food outside in the gardens or roadside stalls, restaurants, hotels, etc. They are driven by the greed of the tongue and suffer from varieties of health hazards as a consequence. It has therefore become extremely important that we understand and care for the role of food in our life from all angles.
The scenario of physical and psychological health would improve, and more importantly, the rising trend of mental vices would be checked, if people realized the significance of the perceivable and subtle properties of food and adopt the disciplines of eating pure, properly cleaned and cooked, naturally health y foods with the feeling of consecration and sanctification.