The rishi author of "Mahabharata"

 The rishi author of "Mahabharata" writes

 Mitam Bhukte Samvibhajyashritebhyo Mitamswapityamitamkarmakatwa |
Dadatyamitreshvapiyacitah Sanstamatmavantam Prajahatyanarthah ||

Meaning: All diseases and sorrows escape from the life of the one who observes self- continence, who eats only minimal necessary quantity of food after offering it to his dependents; who works hard during the day for good purposes and sleeps in night only for the duration essential for health y relaxation of the body and who is generous to even those not friendly to him or not known to him. This Shloka conveys that it is not only sufficient to just eat. We should be attentive to proper quality and quantity; and eat after sharing the food with the needy around us rather than just grabbing and gobbling; we should also practice appropriate physical exercise and adopt disciplined work habits and self- restraint over sense organs; take sufficient sleep but avoid lethargy and dullness. Being humble and kind even to those who may not be favorably disposed towards us is also important for our health (especially of the subtle body). Our hunger often increases or is suppressed depending upon what type of food is kept before us; at times, our mood also varies accordingly after seeing the food in front of us and thus affects our health .
Analogous effect is induced in the reverse direction as well the quality (especially the subtle impact on health ) of food changes according to the state of our mind , the level of our thoughts and feelings while eating. The same food would have health ier effects if eaten in a happy mood, whereas mental excitement, disturbance or depression etc, would make it harmful or less suitable to our health . As many of us might have experienced, the food eaten in a state of anger or tension is not digested properly and causes acidity, constipation, etc. The negative effects of mental state upon food are equally significant for our spiritual health . An Ayurvedic scripture "Bhava Prakasha" warns in this regard