Irshyabhayakrodha Samanviten,

Irshyabhayakrodha Samanviten, Lubdhena Rugdainya Nipiditena |
Vidweshayuktena Ca Sevyamanam, Annam Na Samyakparipakameti

Meaning: If there is any sentiment of jealousy, fear, anger, greed, lust, gloom, sorrow, hatred, etc, or there is an attack of some disease while eating, then the food consumed cannot be digested (and will be hazardous to health ). In short, it is repeatedly warned that the sickness of mind or having a negative emotional state while eating is as pernicious as eating in a state of physical ailment. In fact it is more damaging, as it not only causes immediate untoward effects on physical health , but, if it occurs frequently, it eventually becomes a cause of chronic diseases and psychosomatic disorders as well. The practice of chanting mantras before having food eliminates such risks and increases the chances of positive, health y effects in two ways. Contemplation over the meaning of the mantra and the associated feelings calm down and purify our mind . The vibrations of mantra induce soothing effects on the endocrine glands and also generate sublime currents of health y spiritual impact. The latter kinds of benefits are achieved only after the practice of physical and mental purification and chanting the mantras before eating becomes a regular habit, observed sincerely with due mental and emotional engrossment.