Prasangat Gatra Sansparshanti shwasatsahabhojam

Prasangat Gatra Sansparshanti shwasatsahabhojam | Sahashayya Sataccapi Vastramalyanulepanam || Kustham Jwarasya shothashrca Netrabhisyanda Eva Ca | Auparsargika Rogashca Sankramanti Narantaram ||

Meaning: -Sexual relationship, other kinds of bodily contacts, inhaling others exhaled breath, exchange of body-fluids, sleeping on the same bed, sitting neck to neck, eating together from a common plate, or eating somebody's leftovers, sharing clothes, ornaments, unguents (soap, lotions etc) spread leprosy, infectious (viral, etc) fevers and other diseases, conjunctivitis, common cold, etc from person to person. Sleep is referred as bhutadhatri (which takes care and nurtures all creatures) in the Ayurvedic scriptures.