According to Chand Kuashik Chittam Prasadayati Laghavamadadati

According to Chand Kuashik:-

" Chittam Prasadayati Laghavamadadati Pratyangamujjavalayati Pratibhavishesam |
 Dosanudasyati Karoti cha Dhatu Samyam Anandamarpayati Yoga vishesagamyam || "

Meaning: Good sleep induces happiness in the mind , relaxation in the body and rejuvenation in its every component; it also enhances mental talents and intellect. It helps eliminate the defects and weaknesses and ensures harmonious balancing between health y functions of the body; sound sleep also offers the joy that one would experience by doing certain kinds of yoga exercises. But who is the one to get this natural bliss of good sleep? Charak Samhita provides the answer: