What is generally recommended as good or edible?

Wheat among the cereals, green kidney-bean pulse (green-gram) among the pulses, and vegetables like green gourd, raw papaya, pointed gourd, round gourd, ridged gourd, bitter gourd, cabbage, spinach, carrot, green fenugreek, sprouted beans, etc cooked with some ginger and / or a little quantity of green chilly, etc are most commonly recommended for people of all age groups. Except for variations in the mode of preparations, these are also suitable as food ingredients for patients as well. Cow-milk and ghee of cow-milk's butter, are regarded the best for maintenance of vigorous health . In case of non-availability of cow?s milk, it could be replaced by buffalo?s milk. The generally recommended fruits are naturally ripened apples, papaya, chikku, pomegranate, guava, sweet lime, blackberry, pears, etc. Those in the category of dry fruits are cashew nut, chestnut, dates, figs, small and big resins, chilgoza (pine-tree fruit), dry dates, and fox-nut.

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