Brahme Muhurte Budhyet Dharmarthacanucintayet

Maharshi Manu has advised Brahme Muhurte Budhyet Dharmarthacanucintayet |Kayakleshanshca Tanmulan veda tatwarthameva Ca -Manu. 4 | 92

Meaning: Every man and woman should get up in the brahm-muhurta and think of dharma and artha. (That means one should determine the righteous mode of utilizing the day ahead and also plan for constructive use of his time and efforts during the day for progressive augmentation of resources and talents). One should also contemplate on his body-functions and analyze whether it is in health y state or not. If not, he should try to investigate (by introvert concentration on the body) the cause of what is going wrong. Reading and contemplating on the teachings of the Veda s should also be a part of this morning phase. Today, there is a general habit of eating late in the night, watching tele vision still longer. Then how could one get up early in the morning? But if we want to be away from all diseases and enjoy a vigorous and hearty life , we will have to change this wrong trend. We must inculcate the habit of getting up before sunrise. Human life is indeed a rare opportunity for self-realization. We must make best use of every moment of this precious gift. We should get up every morning with a feeling of having a new birth and plan constructively for the best use of the day, as though the next twenty-four hours would be the entire span of the new life . Lotus blossoms with bliss with the dawn of the day, birds welcome it with sonorous warbling, wind flows smoothly with a refreshing touch. Everything in Nature’s creation appears to gain new life , new energy in the brahm-muhurta. If we miss these beautiful moments by sleeping, great will be our loss in terms of soul awakening. Brahm-muhurta is said to be the best period of the day. It is most favorable for maintaining good health and also for intellectual and spiritual progress. Nature wholeheartedly enshowers during this time phase all that is essential for mental and bodily strength, vigour, happiness, intellectual brilliance and productivity and spiritual benefits. The ancient scriptures of Ayurveda mention the above fact at one place as
- Ca -Manu. 4 | 92