Savituh Samudaya Kale

Savituh Samudaya Kale Prasati Salilasya Vi veda shuau |Roga Jara Parimukto Ji veda Vatsarashatam Sagram .

Meaning: "The person who drinks eight ’anjali’ (deep cup made by joining the two hands) water every day at the sunrise time becomes free from all ailments. He lives for hundred years and the (weakness and other problems of) old-age does not even touch him". Indeed, people used to have hundreds of years of youth ful life in the Rishi-Age. Complete cleansing of the stomach by ushapana not only keeps the body light but also refreshes the mind . It eliminates problems of white discharge etc. Sexual complexities, boils, ulcers, headache and problems pertaining to eyesight are also found to be naturally cured by regularity and consistency in this simple exercise. Greater benefits of ushapana are obtained if one can (after due practice of "jala-neti" etc) drink about 250 ml of water through the nose instead of mouth.
Its positive effects are cited in the Ayurvedic scriptures as 
- Akhandjyoti July -Aug 2003