Vigat Ghan

Vigat Ghan Nishithe Prataruthaya Nityam, Pivati Khalu Naro Yo Ghranarandhrena Vari |Sa Bhavati Mati Purnashca Kshusah Tarkshyatulyo, Vali Palita Vihina Sarvarogervimuktah

 Meaning: The person, who consumes water through the nose, soon after the darkness of the night is over, gains bright intellect and sharp eayesight; his hair do not become gray or white and he remains free from all diseases.The water used in ushapana may be kept at a lukewarm temperature in the winter seasons to avoid irritation in the nose/throat. The next step (after ushapana) in the daily routine is excretion of faeces (shauca).

- Akhandjyoti July Aug 2003