Avekshyartum Ca Dosham Ca

Avekshyartum Ca Dosham Ca Rasam Virya Ca Yojayate |Kashayam Madhuram Tiktam Katukam Pratarutthitah ||Nimbashca Tiktake Shreshah Kasaye Khadirastatha |Madhuko Madhure Shreshah Karanjah Katuke Thata|| -Su. Chi. A. 24

Meaning:  A datuna of sweet, bitter, astringent or spicy taste should be used as per the state (determined in the Ayurvedic diagnostics in terms of kratu, dosha, rasa and virya) of the teeth and general health of a person. Datuna of Nima is acrid spicy, Khadira is astringent, Mahua is sweet and Kanera is bitter in taste. Use of these strengthens and beautifies the teeth with shining glow.Acharya Shushrut has also recommended the datunas of the above kinds for different tastes and effects. Nima is generally good for every one as it eliminates the dirt and mucus in and around the teeth, gums and mouth, works as a disinfectant and removes stinking odors from the mouth. It is also important to use a datuna properly. The teeth should be brushed gently and the datuna should be pressed beneath the teeth so that its juice is extracted and spread around the teeth and gums and fills the mouth. One should sit and use the datuna with full concentration; whenever needed, the saliva or the used juice of the datuna should be spitted in a pit, bathroom-canal or washbasin without dirtying the surroundings. Usually, a datuna should be about six inches long and have thickness about that of the little finger. After brushing the teeth the datuna should be torn into two pieces from its central axes; one portion of this should be used as a tongue-cleaner. The palate should be cleaned by rubbing the other portion on it with the support of the thumb.
Cleaning of the tongue and the palate is as important as that of the teeth and the gums
- -Su. Chi. A. 24