Jihvanirlekhanam Raupayam Sauvarna

Jihvanirlekhanam Raupayam Sauvarna Varkshameva Ca | Tanmalapaharam Shastam Madushlakshanam Dashagulam || -Su. Chi. A. 24

 Meaning: The tongue cleaner could be (if not of datuna) made up of gold, silver or any metal or wood but it should be soft, smooth, flexible and (long enough for proper cleaning of the tongue). In case people have problems in getting datun every day, they may make use of (herbal) toothpaste or toothpowder. Use of powdered rock salt, mustard oil, and powders of dry ginger, sal ammoniac, dried green-leaf of guava, dry bark-skin of Molashri (Surinam Madler), Kayaphal (Myrtalberry) and triphala etc is recommended in preparation of good Ayurvedic toothpastes or tooth powders. One may make use of a brush and stainless steel tongue-cleaner but the method of cleaning should be slow, consistent and long enough, as it is while using a datuna. The toothbrush should be moved upward and downward on each tooth (on the front as well as back and around). Middle finger could also be used for this purpose. The teeth should be cleaned with the help of this finger with proper gargling each time we eat something. Sometimes some particles of eatables or grains are stuck in between the teeth; in such cases, the particle should be brought out with the help of the brush or toothpick followed by thorough gargling. The teeth should also be cleaned before going to bed. Many people have a habit of drinking milk before sleep. They should be extra careful, as the deposited layers of milk, if left unclean, will invite attack of germs. Proper cleaning of the teeth, gums and mouth (including tongue and palate) in the morning and night is a health y habit that must be adopted by every one who cares forod health .

- -Su. Chi. A. 24