A hymn in the Shastra says

A hymn in the Shastra says Dharmartham Narthakamarthamayurvedo Maharsibhih |
 Prakasito Dharma Parairicchadbhih Sthanamaksaram

Meaning: The great rishis the devoted seekers of God , the scientists of ultimate knowledge, the true followers of eternal religion had developed Ayurveda for pure altruistic purpose (of human welfare) and not for any materialistic gain. Today's scenario is just the opposite. People at large are draining their vitality and vigor due to undisciplined life -style and sensual pleasures and medicine or health care has become a costly profession, a means for high earning. The need for a natural, inexpensive mode of preventive care and maintenance of health has become all the more crucial and urgent these days. The guidelines on daily routine as per the recommendations of Ayurveda provide practical and efficacious tips in this respect. Along with physical exercise, the daily routine should also have place for some activities to maintain mental and spiritual fitness. Sandhya- upasana 1 and certain yoga kriyas with meditation are therefore described in the scriptures as integral parts of ideal daily routine . Doing sandhya- upasana every day with the jap a (rhythmic chanting) of Gayatri Mantra is said to bestow longevity, strength, intelligence, success, glory and spiritual light. Upasana provides sublime food for the soul . Nurturing the soul is more important than nourishing the body.