Chatvari Ghorarupani Sandhyakale

Chatvari Ghorarupani Sandhyakale Parityajet |
Aharam, Maithunam, Nidra, Swadhyaya m Cha Vivarjayet

Meaning: Eating, sexual intercourse, sleeping, reading/writing during the sandhya- times are extremely harmful and are strictly prohibited during these time intervals. On the contrary, doing pranayama, devotional meditation, and prayers in these time-phases of the day induce intensive positive ( health y) effects. Reemphasizing this point, the Garud Purana says  "If God Vishnu is found asleep during the sandhya times (around sunrise and sunset times), Lakshmi (His divine consort, the God dess of prosperity and progress) would leave Him". These timings are of crucial significance in the practice of Gayatri Mantra jap a, as the brilliance of rising sun happens to be the focus of meditation in this upasana . The more intense the emotional engrossment of the devotee, the greater would be the spiritual and mental enlightenment. Awakening of discerning intellect is the immediate benefit of this practice. One may chant other prayers and mantras as per his faith, but the science of yoga and spirituality , as also the Ayurveda , affirm the pre-eminent impact of the Gayatri Mantra jap a during sandhya- upasana . About a century ago, Maharshi Dayanand had revived the Vedic tradition of Gayatri - sandhya in day-to-day life with the foundation of Arya Samaj. Vedmurty Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had further spread it in a scientific way amongst the masses through Gayatri Pariwar. Along with Gayatri Upasana , the comprehensive compilation of easy and effective yoga sanas and kriyas taught by him under "Pragya Yoga " provide practical guidelines for harmonizing the mind -body functions by enhanced flow of vital energy together with inner purification. The sequence of physical exercises and postures in Pragya Yoga is coupled with specific deep breathing practices, which are found to give instant relaxation and rejuvenation. Suryanamskara is a well-known yoga exercise, which is given great importance in therapeutic applications of yoga under Ayurveda .