Jatharam Purayedardharmannairbhagam

Jatharam Purayedardharmannairbhagam Jalena Cha |
Vayoh Sancarnarthaya Chaturthamavasaisayeta 
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Meaning: The portion of solid food should be about half the capacity of the stomach; one-fourth of the latter should be filled with liquid diet and water and the remaining one-fourth should be left empty for free movement of air and fluids inside the stomach. According to Ayurvedic insights, most of the diseases have their roots in over-eating and improper cleansing of the digestive system. This is true in case of urbanized life -style of cities of today. Excessive eating or consumption of lavish, gravy foodstuffs or fast foods, processed and canned foods, non-vegetarian dishes, etc do not suit the biomechanics and natural process of metabolism of the human body. Unless assimilated and digested by exerting physical labor and some cleansing methods of yoga , these unnatural foods eventually result in constipation, acidity or other problems of indigestion. Defective metabolism leads to weakening of the body-system. The undigested heavy molecules and other kinds of un-excreted dirt inside the body cause varieties of untoward reactions. Germs and other infections also get extra support in such a host system. If there isn't sufficient space for airflow within and out of the stomach, it may cause unnatural pressure on the heart, often leading to angina, which is a common heart-problem these days. The suggestion of keeping one-fourth of the stomach free for airflow as advised in the above sloka further reflects the remarkable insight of the rishis in deciphering the intricacies of the nature and functions of the mind -body system so minutely without using any instrument or external help. Their instructions in the scriptures on "Why to eat? What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? And, how to eat?" provide us the key to a happy, health y and hearty life . We shall touch upon these points in continuation of our discussions on health - tips of Ayurveda pertaining to food. We close this article with a short quote that conveys an invaluable advice, which could be adopted forthwith