Jirnabhojinam Vyadhirnopasarpati

Jirnabhojinam Vyadhirnopasarpati |
                                      Ref-Chanakya Sutra

Meaning: He/she, who eats only when the food consumed earlier has been properly digested, remains free from all diseases. Notes: 1. Sandhya- upasana or sandhya-vandan: Upasana means devotional practice of sitting near God (i.e., with an emotional proximity with divinity). This, if practiced at specific time intervals (sandhya-times) with jap a of Gayatri Mantra preceded by pranayama and certain purificatory rituals (see next point), is called sandhya- upasana or sandhya-vandan). 2. Detailed information on each of these rituals is given in the booklet entitled " Gayatri Sadhana : Why and How?" published by Shantikunj , Hardwar (Uttaranchal, India). 3. Practical training and informative booklets/audio-visual CDs on Pragya- Yoga are available at Shantikunj , Hardwar (Uttaranchal, India).