Annaharartham Karma Kuryadanindyam

Annaharartham Karma Kuryadanindyam, Kuryadaharam Prana Sandharnartham |
Pranaha Sandharyastatva Jijnasanartham, Tatvam Jijnasya Yena Bhuryo Na Duhkham
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                                                                                                    ** Yoga Vashishtha **

Meaning: Earn your food by proper (just and honest) means. Eat it with purity to sustain your vital energy (and body-force). Elevate your vital energy to be able to gain knowledge and attain vigorous potentials to get rid of all infirmities and sorrows. We have discussed several aspects of eating habits as recommended by Ayurvedic scriptures in the last issue. Here we throw further light on health y constituents of food. According to Ayurveda , the food we eat is used in the production/strengthening of seven major components/elements (dhatus) in the body; at a gross level, these dhatus are physiological fluids, blood, serum, flesh, bones, muscles and sperm/ovum. Food is given prime importance here in prevention as well as in cure of diseases. It mentions a great deal on what kind of food should be taken for sustenance of a health y body. As the levels of the three functional energies (vata, pitta and kaph or the tridosas) are regarded here to characterize one's natural constituent, the triplet of proper food, sound sleep and chastity are considered as the predominant factors in regulating the health of the mind -body system. Of these three, diet (food) is given maximum importance as it plays a direct role in the maintenance of the seven dhatus and in affecting the balance of the tridosas. There is no constraint of diet imposed in the Allopathic methods of treatment, where medicines are given principal importance. But it is not so in the case of Ayurveda where, on the contrary, appropriately selected and controlled diet is an integral part of treatment so as to enhance vitality and regulate the medicinal effects in natural harmony with the entire system of the body and mind . Maharshi Charak, one of the founder experts of Ayurveda has elucidated six aspects, which should be considered in deciding what is worth eating and what is not in a given condition.

- Yoga Vashishtha