Shukadhanyam Shamidhanyam

Shukadhanyam Shamidhanyam Samatitam Prashasyate |
Puranam Prayasho Ruksham Prayenabhinavam Guru ||
 Yadyadagacchati Kshipram Tattallaghutaram Smatam|
Puranamam Sanklistam Krimivyalahimatapaih||
Adeshakalajam Klinnam Yatsyatphalamasadhu Tat

As per this shloka, the twelve categories of nourishing eatables are identified as shuka: grains (cereals, e.g. barley, maze, wheat, rice, etc); shami: grains (all kinds of pulses and grams); shakas: (all fresh vegetables; fruits; greens - fresh, naturally green substances that contain chlorophyll), Ambu: (watery substances); Goras: (cow-milk and its pure, fresh products); Ikshu: (sugar cane and its fresh products); Krattana: (food cooked on fire from cereals, pulses and vegetables); Yaugika: (all kinds of nourishing minerals and compounds). Alcoholic substances (wine etc) and animal-based foods (including meat, fish, etc) are prohibited in Ayurveda primarily on the grounds of their negative impact on spiritual health and subtle mental tendencies. We shall discuss each of the twelve categories in detail in the next issue so as to provide useful guidance to the readers on "what to eat and how to eat?" in today's circumstances.