In case of Hypothyroidism

 It is caused due to deficiency of thyroxin hormone. The foods suitable for generally good health are also recommended here. Sour substances including raw mango (dried or fresh), curd, lemon, tomato, pickles, tart or acidic fruits etc should not be eaten. Cauliflower and artificially ripened fruits should be avoided. Naturally ripened (on the tree) sweet fruits like mango, papaya may be eaten. Iodine-rich fruits, vegetables are beneficial. Chapati prepared from mixed flour of wheat, gram and soya-bean is good. Kachanara (mountain ebony) is considered as most effective natural remedy against this hormonal disorder. Those suffering from hypothyroidism should keep a small, cleaned piece of the bark-skin of the kachanar tree in the mouth and suck it as long as possible every day.

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