The diseases caused by excess of pitta dosha

Acidity and related ailments of the digestive system, some kinds of blood related diseases, chronic fever etc, are common manifestation of the disorders due to pitta dosha. Light diets of the eatables listed for generally good health are also beneficial here. Thin chapatis of whole wheat, daliya (meal prepared from coarse wheat-flour), easily digestible boiled vegetables, and oil-free watery pulses prepared from green gram, etc are supposed to be good in reducing the pitta dosha. Coconut water, cold diluted milk, big resin or figs soaked in milk are excellent supplements. While coconut water is good, its cream (core) is harmful in the pitta diseases; so are vegetables like brinjal, green and red chilies and deep fried, oily and spicy eatables. These should be strictly avoided. Use of green chilly, garlic and ginger should also be stopped or kept to a minimum as per the Ayurvedic doctor's advice.

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