The lists of edibles and non-edibles

              The lists of edibles and non-edibles in different classes of diseases are as follows.
                              The diseases caused by excess of vata dosha.

The diseases under this category include gastro problems, arthritis, rheumatism, joint-pains, spondylitis, etc. Vegetables like flower of silk cotton or kidney-bean, flowers and fresh beans of drumsticks, green fenugreeks, cabbage and pointed gourd, prepared in steam with a little amount of ginger, garlic and aniseed are supposed to be excellent in reducing the vata dosha. Avoid taking black gram (horse bean), red gram (masura), dry grams and beans such as chana (black gram), rajama (red kidney bean), rice, cauliflower, potato, green peas, cucumber, tomato, lemon, orange, grapes, and carbide ripened fruits which are usually mango, banana, papaya, etc. Sour substances like curd, butter-milk, pickles should also be avoided. The patients having bone related ailments due to vata, should not bathe with cold water. Fomentation of the swollen parts of the body (e.g. near the joints), using salt in hot water, helps allaying the pains.

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