Pragya Yog Sadhana

Pragya-yog is a device for developing spiritual prudence, insight and intuition.  It is also making the daily routine upright. With Internal excellence, one enjoy self-satisfaction, public respect and divine pleasure. It elevate inner consciousness & create atmosphere of happiness and peace. It is an all-round, comprehensive programme of Gayatri-Sadhana which cannot be fulfilled by Mantra-Jap alone.

The Pragya Yog Sadhana's easy, logical and systematic methods for self-purification is as follows: 

1. Starts with 10-15 mins  Aatmabodh - thinking about new birth soon after getting up in the morning.
2. After completing the daily chores in the morning - do Upasana (worship)  sitting near your favorite deity for 15-20 mins .
3. Third step is contemplation devote 15-20 minutes for reflecting over one's present state.
4. Ends day with 10-15 mins Tatvabodh i.e. thinking about death at the time of going to sleep.
5. One Day Fasting - Sunday or Thursday. Gayatri Anushthan once/twice in a year.

Step #1 - Aatmabodh - thinking about new birth soon after wakeup:
The Sadhana begins right at the moment when one gets up inthe morning. Devote about 10-15 minutes, while still lyingon bed, thinking 'Today I have got a new birth. I have onlyone day, i.e. today, to live. How best can I utilize this day?'Then make a plan for the whole day and try to be as honest aspossible in your dealings. 

Step #2 - Tatvabodh - thinking about death at the time of going to sleep :
In the evening when you are goingto sleep, again devote 10-15 minutes, thanking God forproviding this opportunity and thanking the self forperforming the duties well. If there was some laziness thatcrept in the routine, it should be removed the next day. Thenconsider that today's life is over and embrace death (in theform of sleep) peacefully. 

Step #3 - Upasana - Spiritual Practice Worship.
This aspect of sadhana graduallyremoves the fear of death.The third step is 'Upasana (worship)'. After completing thedaily chores in the morning, do Upasana for about 15-30minutes, depending on the availability of time. Upasana, check deeper steps for Upasana , is sitting near your favourite deity.For this purpose, one should see that the place of worship isclean and peaceful; the body and mind are pure, there is analtar on which the photo of the deity is installed properly.Normally the photo of Mother Gayatri (considering God tobe in the form of Mother) is kept on the altar. After the ritualsof purification etc, the sadhak invokes the Supreme Motherand offers Her the articles like sacred water, flowers, incense,sweets etc. Then he starts the Japa (chanting of specificmantra). In this case, Gayatri Mantra is recited normally 108times or more. During recitation the sadhak also meditates onthe rising sun. Keeping the eyes closed, one feels that the raysof the sun are penetrating one's body, mind and soul and areenergizing them. Deeper the concentration more will be thebenefit. Once the japa and meditation are over, seek theblessings of righteous wisdom from your deity. 
Steps for Simple & Effective Daily Gayatri Upasana

Step #4 - contemplation - reflecting over one's present state

The fourth step in Pragyayog Sadhana is 'contemplation'. Anytime in the afternoon or evening may be chosen for it. Thesadhak should devote 15-20 minutes for reflecting over hispresent state. He should analyze from the idealistic point ofview what is lacking in him and what should be done tofurther improve oneself. A quiet place is ideal for such areflection.If these four steps of Sadhana are done regularly, it should beconsidered that the foundation for all the four boons of life -Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha has been well laid. 

Step #5 Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Sadhana:

One can go beyond this by adding to it a weekly specialSadhana consisting of observing fast on weekends, say onSunday, observing celibacy that day, keeping silence for aspecific period, etc. There is also a provision of half-yearlysadhanas (during Chaitra and Ashwin Navratris). In these ninedayperiods Japa of 24,000 mantras is done, along withobservance of some austerities.

Pragya Yog Jivan Sadhana, if done properly, is like a cash transaction. There are two immediate benefits: 
(i) The person gets rid of the accumulated harmful animal traits; and 
(ii) He / She finds the right path for progress (material as well as spiritual).

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