Eternal fountain of youth

(Chira Yauvan Evam Shashwata Saundarya)
Youth and beauty are most prominent desires of most people. These are natural sources and expressions of joy and attraction in life. There may be major variations in the human society with respect to physical appearance, body built-up, intellectual level, attitude, etc. But, there is practically no difference in the effects and expectations of youth and beauty among the people.

Who does not want to remain youthful and hence energetic, strong and self-reliant? Who does not like beauty expressed in different forms and activities of Nature and life…..? The eternal sentiments of pure love and friendship too are expressions of beauty of the inner core of mind… Youth and beauty are integral components of total health. Despite the biological aging of the body, there are possibilities and ways of maintaining youth and beauty for long….

Longevity with youth and beauty of life – in all respects, was common in the Indian society of yore. The rishis were perfect scientists of nature, mind and consciousness. They had studied the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the human body as different manifestations of consciousness in the five eternal... See More

The advancement of medical technology and public awareness on health have helped improvement of “life-expectancy” in the developed countries as compared to what was the scenario half a century ago. Howbeit, one can hardly see any improvement in total health of people in general. The stresses of life, artificial modes... See More

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