The measure of success

Inner Bliss is The Measure of Success

From outside one’s life might glitter of high achievements and enormous cheers, but this alone does not confirm his happy success in life. Only the soothing fragrance of inner joy and bliss indwelling in one’s life could be a universal measure of his genuine success. This incense arouses and spreads along with the inner virtues. This is what sprinkles the real beauty of life in every dimension.

In reality, peaceful happiness is synonymous with the blossoming beauty and fruition of life. A life, even endowed with all prosperity and sophisticated comforts, treasures of pearls and jewels will be beauty-less like dead if there is no inner happiness and natural enthusiasm in it.  Plush bungalows, cars, decorated rooms, ornamental dresses, gold, diamonds, etc might appear attractive from the outside but these do not possess any peace or joy in themselves. If there was any such source in these materialistic means, people possessing all these would not have been found suffering from pains, tensions, depressions and worries and ruining their lives in addictions. The fact is that one could experience a joy in the externally supportive circumstance only if his mind and heart contain the natural sense of happiness.    

The delight of life does not lie in materialistic prosperity or intellectual achievements etc. Its roots blossom in the soil of the enlightened inner self. The beauty and success of life grow in proportion with the piety, simplicity and generosity of thinking, sentiments, conduct and nature. If the inner domains of life are maligned with vices, prejudices and blemishes, then one can’t be regarded beautiful even if his body-build, mannerism, overall looks and life-style is charming and magnificent. Instead, the life of a simple, illiterate, penny-less fellow would prove to be beautiful and nice if he is courteous, compassionate and courageous and possesses serene beauty and bliss of the soul in his heart.

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