Selfless Serivce, Seva

Man is a social being. He is indebted to the society in several ways. The food he eats, clothes he wears, house he lives in, etc - everything is available to him because several people have contributed to making them usable. Whatever he has achieved in life is because of the direct or indirect cooperation of so many others. God has bestowed human life upon him so that he would offer his services for beautifying the world-garden , for making this world a better place to live. You as a human being have this responsibility of offering your altruistic services to the society, to the world. You are supposed to help maintain Nature’s ecosystem , you are supposed to contribute your level best to the health y survival and happy growth of all its animate and inanimate components. How else can you thank Mother Nature for the enormous boons She has blessed you with? How would you be the crown prince of God if you do not discharge your duties towards His creation? 
The Real Purpose of Life :
All of you should remember time and again that you are not born only to live a materialist life . We are humans. Our life should not be confined to earning and enjoying sensual pleasures. We should also be living a noble and altruistic life . Our abilities and potentials should also be used for welfare and upliftment of others.
The missing link of Spirituality :
Your tapa- sadhana is incomplete without seva . You must offer your seva – voluntary altruistic service for the welfare of others. Your wealth, your talents, your intellect, nothing is of any use if even a fraction of it cannot help uplifting someone else. Even in worldly terms, just imagine, how happy a self-centered affluent person could be if all others around him are poor, downtrodden and agonized ? You cannot enjoy your success and happiness unless you share your joys with others. You cannot expect love, cooperation and respect from anyone unless you learn to care and share. Every religion of the world, every spiritual school enjoins giving in charity for the welfare of the needy. You may not be rich, but just think, there must be someone in the society who is more deprived. Try to do what best you can to alleviate the pain and sufferings of others. More than material help it is your compassion , your cooperation , your time that counts more in seva . Selfless service is said to be the noblest deed of human life . 
The Real Service to Humanity:
Seva of the world is said to be the true A radhana (devotional service) of its Creator. You may offer your alms and worldly services to the society in several ways depending upon what is needed to allay the sufferings and pains of others to some extent, or to uplift the conditions of the deprived ones around you. But one service, which is universally required and which is regarded as the supreme donation , is – the gyana yagya , dissemination of knowledge. The best service of human religion, culture, nation and society today is to give righteous direction to people’s thoughts. Imparting positive thoughts and encouraging guidance to a depressed or depraved person is the biggest and most useful help one could offer, as it would not only save his life but would also mold him into a progressive and happier person.

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