Keep Fit , do Yoga

The word “yogasana” (or asana in brief) refers to a posture in which one feels relaxed while keeping the body active internally. The rishis (Vedic sages) had keenly observed the sitting and standing postures of different animals, which, in spite of limited faculties, have wonderful physical capabilities that man is deprived of. They had studied the effects of different postures in the laboratory of their own body and developed specific asanas which had rejuvenating effects on the entire body-mind-soul system.

In this Chapter, we highlight the main asans (asanas) of Pragya Yoga. Adept practice of these everyday would help controlled movements for strengthening the nerves, muscles and different organs and regularizing the blood supply in all parts of the body. Not only that, the chanting of the segments of the supreme Vedic Mantra – the Gayatri Mantra, in specific sequel as directed here, with deep breathing would induce soothing effects in the mind as well.

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