100 Point Program For The Transformation Of The Era

Though Acharya ji's (Gurudev) change theory holds that personal transformation is the foundation for changes at the societal level and will make social changes go smoothly once initiated, when social change is brought about, it will be instigated by actions consciously directed for this purpose. For this reason, he also gave guidelines about how to bring about change at the family and societal level as well. The most complete articulation of these guidelines was he entitled by him as  “The 100-Point Program for the New Era ”. This is regarded as one of the core documents of the movement.
It is divided in following 10 categories:

I. Food and personal health
II. Collective efforts for promoting good health
III. Education
IV. The role of religion
V. Family and community life
VI. The role of people with special talents
VII. The role of the arts
VIII. To create an atmosphere of goodwill
IX. Politics and clean character
X. The spiritual foundation of the new era

If the thought revolution, a requirement for the transformation of the era, could be applied to our body, a positive transformation could be seen immediately in our current state of health. The reason for all illness is irregular lifestyle and lack of self-restraint. The suffering caused by disease and weakness is a punishment for failing... See More

We all should come together to start a program to organize revolutionary activities in the field of health. Collective efforts generate enthusiasm, self-satisfaction and the motivation to work for the social welfare. Some suggestions regarding public health are given below. 11. PROMOTING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Growing fruits and vegetables and planting trees and flowers can be very... See More

[ . . . ] Education is a medium for the light of knowledge to descend into our deeper selves. Material progress too necessitates good education. [ . . . ] 20. INITIATION ALONGSIDE EDUCATION For the purpose of educating adults, the curriculum and selected literature should initiate students to a path to knowledge. In... See More

The Upanishads say that knowledge is the nectar of the Divine. The primary goal and purpose of knowledge is to provide continual inspiration so we may live correctly with the right perspective and with unwavering faith. Blessed are the lives of those who have attained knowledge. The final goal of formal education is also... See More

For a healthy and civilized society, we need our personal and familial lives to actively influence our surrounding communities in a positive manner. At the same time, we must continually address any corruption that crops up at the community level. In order to secure positive and healthy traditions and gradually dissolve unhealthy traditions, the following... See More

Individuals with particular talents, through their charismatic personality, can play a special role in the efforts to usher in the New Era. In this regard, the role of artists is particularly important. Writers, poets, orators, musicians, visual artists, wealthy individuals, scholars, politicians, and many others can all contribute a lot to the task of reform... See More

Art has an enormous ability to touch, motivate and inspire. In recent years, however, art has played a major role in inciting carnal passions. Now we will have to divert this powerful medium and engage it in the task of helping to cultivate values that build up healthy, caring and sharing communities. [ .... See More

The greatest service to humanity is to encourage a spirit of kindness, compassion, charity, generosity, cooperation, service, fairness, selfrestraint and prudence in the society at large. Ruthlessness, selfcenteredness and lack of magnanimity has turned this world into a hell. The only way to create a heavenly atmosphere on earth is to disallow the inner core... See More

At the present time, the power of politics is enormous. Therefore, its responsibility too ought to be equally large. As a result of its policies and practices, the government can either improve or tarnish the image and character of a nation. The following are a few suggestions which can help those involved in the... See More

The foundation of the plan of the New Era is neither political nor social but actually spiritual. The immensely significant task of changing the era can only be initiated and advanced by efforts made at the spiritual level. Any reform done at the political or social level will not have the same depth of... See More

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