Change on the Horizon

Message by Yug Rishi Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya:
The advent of era transition has already dawned in the subtle world and is advancing to visibly manifest the magnificent change to become perceivable, but will this happen like magic? No! Nature does not allow anything to happen against its universal laws. These are the moments of the ‘birth’ of a new era. The ‘labor pains’ will also be historic and will be experienced both within and beyond the physical dimensions of the world. Demonic forces won’t accept defeat easily. As you may know, before a gambler loses everything, he puts at stake all he owns in a last vain attempt to win the game. The darkest hour is just before the dawn; the candle shines brightest before extinguishing; and a person’s respiration rate quickens at the time of death. Just so, the devilish forces, in all their negativity, will advance one last ditch effort before annihilation. 

Indeed, this is an emergency time. Do you know what I mean by this? For example, if a fire is spreading before your eyes in your community, you will naturally leave all other things and rush to be of help. If there were a train-accident in which several lives were lost and hundreds injured, would anyone present in the nearby houses relax or be occupied in his personal chores or important work? Would such a person deserve to be called human?

Well, I was warning you that the present period of era transition is a state of global emergency. Mahakala (The Almighty Lord of Time) has blown the bugle of a decisive War between the divine and devilish forces. The Divine Power has called upon all of us to be part of its army; to be the true disciples and devotees of Pragyavatar, the divine incarnation of preeminent discerning intellect.

But there is no need to panic. If you have faith in God, you know that the Almighty would not let His supreme creation end this way. The present phase of era transition is an emergency time, repercussions of which are to be fought collectively by the elevated souls and all those who regard themselves as His devotees and care to save humanity. The present calamities should be viewed as the process of germination of a seed. The seed dissolves and decays beneath the soil, sacrifices its identity to let the sapling sprout and gradually grow into a mighty tree. The tumultuous times of today are like the excavation that must happen before the foundations of a new edifice can be laid. The awakened souls have a unique responsibility in the era transition phase to look after this preparation and dedicate their potentials for the firm establishment of the foundation of the new era against all odds. 

-Extract from Don’t Ignore The Call of The All-Conquering Time-Spirit, Acharya Sharma, Translation of discourse entitled “Mahakal Ki Pukar Ansuni Na Karo”

The transition to an entirely new social structure for a better human future will be managed by social architects that will emerge from the Gayatri Mission. These organizers and activists will revitalize entire communities with their enlightened qualities and deeds. In order to prepare themselves, these worthy individuals will be required to follow two essential disciplines.  The first is the curtailment of their personal needs and ambitions. This includes the self-discipline of thought, word and deed.  The second is the cultivation of an irresistible drive for spreading the science of self-management amongst the masses.  This latter requirement is tantamount to developing a powerful spirit of altruism. 

These volunteers will have to prove their credibility by living simply and within the means available to the common man of the country. Living simply does not mean that one‘s productivity should be reduced. Rather, in spite of having ample resources and affluence, these social servants will be required to become role models by voluntarily reducing their personal needs. Nor does it mean that they will have to undergo great austerities, but at least they would need to adopt a lifestyle that would appear simple and high-minded to the average person in their country. Those who will take only this first step will find that there is an abundance not only of time, but of stamina, skill, motivation, and financial backing as well. When these resources are dedicated to the great task of our day, the sacred cause of ushering in a golden age in human history, these servants can become role models for many others as well.

An important spiritual law for achieving communion with God, taught in the Bhagvad Gita is called “Karma Yoga.” The practitioner of this yoga cultivates understanding that her body and its sensory organs are only instruments of the Divine. Thus, considering oneself to be a puppet in the hands of God, the Karma Yogi attributes all of her agency to Divine agency.

In order to achieve this, the Karma Yogi pledges herself to a strict discipline with regard to her sensory organs and dedicates herself to the service and welfare of others. In the age to come, the masses will be required to follow these two disciplines. Together, these two elements comprise a broad definition of the science of Self Management that must be propagated amongst the masses. This science is the method to be used for eliminating the negativity in the polluted thought processes of modern humanity. 

-  Roadmap to Revolution, Acharya Sharma, Pg 9, an English translation of “Samagra Kranti Ki Ruparekha”
According to scripture, in prehistoric times, to atone for the sins of his clan, king Bhagirath carried out intensive meditation and practiced a severe asceticism for many years before invoking the grace of divinity to make a tributary of the celestial Ganges River descend to Earth. The present giant collective spiritual exercise of Gayatri Sadhana for transitioning to a new era, conducted in the interval between two centuries, can be compared to the endeavor of Bhagirath in that its objective is to create a new ‘Divine River of Wisdom’ for cleaning the present chaos and disorder and heralding the forthcoming new world order. 

In order to reach the entire population of the world, this revolution must expand like the mythological incarnation of Divinity as Matsyavatara, which initially appeared as a tiny fish before gradually expanding to cover the entire primordial ocean. For this purpose, it will be necessary to call all enlightened people with missionary zeal to work together in a coordinated manner.

-  Roadmap to Revolution, Acharya Sharma, Pg 9, an English translation of “Samagra Kranti Ki Ruparekha”

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