Time Donation

It is said that one earns good fortune by offering donations. The assumption here is that the offering has been made with full faith and devotion for the righteous purpose. If this is not so, that is, if the donation is not utilized for the right purpose,then it is equivalent to a sin whose gravity depends on the use of the offering.

Material wealth is a result of good opportunities available and the endeavor done in that direction. This coincidence does not happen for everyone and hence the donation of wealth is considered secondary. However, the Creator has given the wealth of 'Time' for everyone in equal measure. If one desires, one can easily utilize his time for good purposes.

When we analyze the roots of our ancient glory, we see that a large section of our society – Sadhu-Brahmans, Vanaprastha-Purohits used the least for their livelihood and utilized most of their time for the welfare of the society. Their Seva–sadhana won the hearts of the masses. That was the reason the public obeyed them wholeheartedly and imbibed their precepts in their lives. It was on this basis that persons of genius got awakened and their talents were utilized for all- round progress of the society. This was the prime reason of righteous environment in Satyug.

Here we are discussing the utility of time donation in the present scenario. Is it possible to revive this ancient tradition of donating time for the welfare of society? Is it possible to awaken that spirit among the intelligentsia who are capable of playing major roles in ushering of the New Era?

Everyone is going to realize very soon that they should participate in this process of transformation and should contribute their time and resources for this purpose. This is going to be through the refinement of the inner state of common people. However, some fortunate and blessed souls are going to come forward to dedicate whole of their lives for this noble purpose; and then the aim of 'rise of divinity in humans and the descent of heaven on earth' will be easily achieved.

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