Anushthan in Nav Durga

Nav-Durga falls in Shukla paksha from Pratipada to Navmi in Ashwin and Chaitra. This is the time best suited for Gayatri Sadhana. Jap of twenty-four thousand Mantras should be performed and fast should be observed during these days. This mini Sadhana is as useful as a big Anusthan. 

Twenty four thousand Japas are to be performed in nine days. This can be done by performing jap of 27 rosaries daily, which would take three to four hours. If it appears to be strenuous to complete Jap in one sitting, a major portion of it should be finished in the morning and balance in the evening.


Food consisting of cereals at one time and milk and fruits or milk or fruits should be taken at the other time. Those who can afford to remain on the diet of fruits and milk or milk alone can do so if their health permits.


Havan or Yagya of 108 Mantras should be performed on the last day. Offering of money in charity and feeding of brahmans should also be done. 

This small Anusthan of nine days should be performed by the Sadhak himself in both the Nav-durgas every year. If for some reason it is not possible for a person to do it himself, it can be got accomplished by some competent capable Brahman. Sadhana done during these days proves to be extremely useful for getting rid of anxieties, fulfilling desires and developing spiritual power.

This small Anusthan can also be done at any time besides Nav-Durga. Anusthan of 1,25,000 Jap in forty days is a complete Anusthan and the smaller one of nine days is its one-fifth part, which should be done according to convenience and need. The wealth of Tap, devout austerity, should be amassed in as large a measure as may be possible.

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