Gayatri Meditation

Gayatri should be meditated upon daily at the time of Jap or at any convenient time. The Sadhak should sit for meditation in a secluded place having calm and quiet atmosphere. Mind should be steady and the body relaxed. While meditating during Jap one should sit in crosslegged position, keeping the backbone straight. When not meditating with Jap one can sit on an easy-chair or take the support of a large round pillow, wall or a tree. Body should be relaxed, as if it is life-less. Eyes should be closed, both the hands should be rested in the lap and it should be visualized that nothing but a vast blue space exists everywhere. At the time of Pralaya (universal annihilation) nothing survives except the blue sky or space. A mental picture of such a stage of universal annihilation should be drawn in imagination and when it is fully established, a small round mass of light should be visualized in distant space by inner vision. Thus Gayatri should be meditated in the form of a small brilliant star, as bright as the sun. With development of concentration in meditation this round mass of light comes more and more closer and becomes bigger and brighter. 

On minute observation, black spots are visible in the middle portion of the Sun or Moon. In the same way in the round mass of light of Gayatri a faint image of Gayatri should be visualized in the beginning. Slowly and gradually this image appears to be clearer - smiling, speaking, sensitive and lively to the Sadhak. Before starting meditation the picture of Gayatri Mata should be examined minutely, lovingly and repeatedly along with its each and every part and it should be firmly established in the mind in such a way that the Sadhak may be able to formulate a mental glimpse of that image within the round mass of light. In due course of time a beautiful and enchanting image of Gayatri Mata surrounded by a round mass of brilliant light will be visible to the Sadhak. 

Just as a person sitting in the sun feels warmth, similarly the proximity of Gayatri in the form of a mass of light suffuses the Sadhak’s mind , his inner-self and his entire body with divine light. Just as iron, when put in the fire, becomes red-hot, so also, when the Sadhak retains the brilliance of Gayatri within himself during meditation, he becomes one with the Almighty Goddess, becomes a rishi, radiant with Brahmateja. He feels as if his whole body has become red hot like pure gold and a celestial, divine, sun-like light shines through him. The impurities, sins etc. of the Sadhak’s soul are burnt out in this light . He feels himself god-like, pure, fearless, pious and detached. 

In this meditation, lights of different colours are seen. Sometimes small and big stars of different colours are seen appearing and disappearing in this light. They are seen moving from one direction to other, sometimes traversing back in opposite directions. Sometimes, they are seen moving round in a circle and also shooting fast like an arrow. These are all good omens of progress in meditation. With the growth of the energy of Gayatri within the soul, several potentialities and qualities start developing which are reflected in the form of small masses of light of different colours. 

When this Sadhana becomes more mature and profound, the brilliance of Gayatri stabilizes in the middle of the brain or heart. This is the stage of attaining Siddhi. When the Sadhak attracts that brilliance from the outer space and settles it within himself, a stage is reached where his body and Gayatri’s life force combine at one point. Just as a person, under the influence of an evil spirit, acts according to the will of the latter, so also after establishing Gayatri within himself, the thoughts, actions, behaviour, feelings, tastes, desires, aspirations of the Sadhak are oriented towards selflessness and universal good. Progressively, animality decreases and divinity increases. 

This is the ideal form of meditation of Gayatri. When the Sadhak meditates on Gayatri in the form of a mass of light, he should feel that along with its rays, wisdom, virtuousness and divine energy are being infused in him. When the Sadhak comes out of such a meditation he feels that the proportion of wisdom, purity and refinement has increased within his mind and body. The Sadhak in due course, becomes a store of divine light (Brahmateja). This divine light is like a bank draft which can be instantly got encashed at any bank of Shreya or preya and divine or material riches, as the case may be, obtained in lieu thereof.

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