"स्वरेषो वै शब्दो निगदति मन: स्थैर्य-करणम । 
तथा सौरण्यं हृयुपदिशति चित्तस्य लोलेताम ।। 
निमग्रत्वं सत्यव्रत सरसि चाचक्षति उत्त ।
 त्रिधा शांति हयेतौ भुवि च लभते संयमरत:।।४।।"

Explanation :- Confronted with uncertain circumstances, man often becomes restless on account of sorrow, suffering,anger, malice, poverty, disappointment, worry, fear etc. and thus loses his mental equilibrium. On the other hand in favorable circumstances he gets puffed up with ego, arrogance, impertinence; assumes an air of self-exalta­tion,squanders money and starts behaving quite erratically. Both these mental statesare like intoxication or fever which blurs far-sighted wis­dom, vitiating aperson's actions and thoughts. To save the inner soul from these devastatingstorms, man's mind should be made steady, balanced, harmonious and truthful.Then alone he gets physical, mental and spiritual peace.