"सवितुस्तु पदं वितनोति ध्रुवं

    मनुजो बलवान सवितेव भवेत्


             वै सदात्मन एव गणेदिति ।।६।।"

Meaning:- "The word Savita suggests that man should be strong like the Sun and believe that all the objects and experiences of life relate to one's own soul."

Explanation:- The Sun has been called veerya and earth as raj. The world functions on account of the power of the Sun. The soul's own actions create various kinds of circumstances. Destiny, fate, etc. are also there sult of one's past actions. So we should adapt ourselves according to circumstances. It is within man's power to make his own destiny. More attention should, therefore, be paid to self-growth. A person gets external help according to his inner condition.


               Man should be far-sighted,strong and industrious. He should try to equip himself with eight kinds ofstrength viz., health, knowledge, wealth, efficiency, organization, fame,courage and truth; and always remain stead-fast in his faith.