" भर्गो व्याहृति पदं हि नितरां लोक: सुलोको भवेत

 पापे पाप-विनाशने त्वविरतं दत्तावधानां वसेत्।।

दृष्टवा दुष्कृतिदुर्विपाक-निचयस्तेभ्यो जुगुप्सेध्दि च।

 तत्राशाय विधीयतां सततं संघर्षमेभि: सह ।।"

Meaning :- The word Bhargo suggests that man should become sinless. He should be on his guard to avoid sins. He should abhor sins and struggle hard to eliminate them, keeping in view their evil results.

Explanation :- All the suffering in the world is due to sins. People are found suffering from innumerable pains and agony in hospitals, jails and other places on account of their present and past sins. A sinner suffers in hell. Saints and benevolent persons take the burden of sins committed by others on their own shoulders and reform them through voluntary suffering for the sins of others. Whosoever may suffer, it is certain that sufferings are due to sins. Therefore, those who are afraid of sorrows and aspire for happiness should try to shun sins and atone for sins committed in the past. It is a sacred task to remain alert against sins and to struggle hard to destroy them because by doing so, we not only make ourselves truly happy but also save others from suffering. True happiness lies in sinlessness.