"धियो मत्योन्मथ्यागम निगम मन्त्रान सुमतिमान ।

 विजयीयात्तत्वं विमलनवनीतं परमिव ।।

यतो स्मिन लोके वं संशयगतविचार-स्थल शते ।

  मति: शुध्दैवा छा प्रकटयति सत्यं सुमनसे ।।११।।"

Meaning :- Dhiyo indicates that a wise man shouldponder profoundly and make an in-depth study of Ved-Shastras and extract theires­sence, like butter from milk, because truth can be known only by purifiedintellect.

Explanation :- There are numerous ideologies, most ofwhich are con­tradictory to each other. Principles underlying one Shastra arequite opposite to those propounded by others. The thoughts of different rishis,learned persons are, therefore, not similar. Under these circumstances, oneshould not become confused. A thing which was once correct according to time,space, person and circumstances may not be correct in different circumstances.Clothes which are useful in winter become useless in summer. In the same way, athing which is appropriate in particular circumstances may become inappropriatein changed circumstances. We should not, therefore, blame learned per­sonsrishis, munis or shastras but accept only such of their teachings and thoughtswhich are appropriate in the present circumstances. A decision about right orwrong should, therefore, be made on the basis of logic, wisdom and justice,keeping in view the present circumstances.