Yo Nah

"यो नो वास्ति तु शक्तिसाधनचयो न्यूनाधिकश्र्चाथवा ।
 भागं न्यूनतमं हि तस्य विदधेमात्मप्रसादाय च ।।
 यत्पश्र्चादवशिष्टभागनमखिलं त्यक्तवा फलाशां हृदि।
 तदधीनेष्वभिलाषवस्तु वितरे:ये शक्तिहीना: स्वयनम ।।१२।।"

Meaning:- The word "Yonaha" means that we should utilize minimum of our talents and resources for our own use and utilize the rest self­lessly for the benefit of the weak and the needy.

Explanation :- God has given knowledge, strength and prosperity to us in trust so that we may earn the credit of getting respect, fame, happiness and the results of righteous deeds.

All our wealth and possessions should be utilized more and more for the good of others, especially in helping the poor. These must not be squandered away for luxury and comfort, sensual enjoyments, nor should these be accumulated for ego-satisfaction. The glory of per­sons who are learned, strong, and rich lies in trying to uplift the inno­cent, weak and poor people. Just as the power and potentialities of trees, wells, pools, parks, flowers, fire, water, air, electricity etc. are utilized in doing good to others, so also we should offer all our talents and resources for the common good, keeping back just enough for leading a modestly simple life.