"प्रचोदयातस्वयं त्वितरश्र्चि मानवान ।

 नर: प्रयाणाय च सत्य वर्त्मनि ।।

 कृतं हि कर्माखिलमित्थमंगिना ।।

 वदन्ति धर्म इति हि विपश्र्चित: ।।

Meaning :- "Prachodyaf' means that man should inspire himself and others to follow the path of truth. Learned people call such work as true righteousness.

Explanation: - Inspiration is the greatest power in the world, without which all resources, howsoever vast they may be, are useless. An inspired person gets engrossed in his chosen work and is able to gather and harness all the resources required. He gets divine help and also ideal collaborators. Therefore, a man should first get himself inspired and then inspire others to march ahead on the path of righteousness. The real help of the poor and the needy lies not in giving them material gifts but in inspiring them to awaken their dormant talents and virtues — to inspire them to help themselves through self-growth and service.