The Primordial Power

The origin of Universe is said to be the manifestation of God's (Omnipresence Consciousness) wish to express thyself in multiple forms. Being the original source of the creation, existence and manifestation of Nature and the universe, this supreme power was named Adi Shakti or (Gayatri). In other words Adi Shakti, known as Gayatri, is the inspiring and governing power acting behind the eternal cycle, order and harmony indwelling in the cosmic system and the laws of nature and the existence and activities of the world. This eternal presiding power is the cause of all energy and is subliminally governing the cosmic existence, expansion and activities towards the ultimate evolution... 

Lord Brahma, the supreme creator is described in the scriptures to have attained the absolute knowledge of the universal creation and the limitless manifestations of Nature by the dedicated sadhana of Adi Shakti Gayatri. This supramental knowledge and science constituted the Vedas. This is how Adi Shakti became the Vedmata - the mother (origin) of Vedas.

The Gayatri Mantra is regarded to enfold the essence, the seed of Vedas. The divine powers governing the order of Nature also emanate from the Adi Shakti. As the same electricity flows in tube light, heater, refrigerator, cooler, etc and appears active in different forms, similarly, the singular force of Adi Shakti is reflected in Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as thy powers of eternal creation, execution and evolution. The other manifestations of thy impulse (deva Shaktis) too are different expressions of the Adi Shakti. Thus, Adi Shakti being the absolute source of divine powers is also revered as DevaMata. Beatitude of this Devamata endows a devoted sadhaka with divine virtues and vigor. 

As the appearance of Nature and the world emanate from the infinite kernel of Adi Shakti, the latter is worshiped as VishwaMata the mother of the world. A true devotee of this realization of the Adi Shakti, unifies his self-identity with global unity and lives with the altruist feeling of "vasudhaiva kutumkam" the whole world is like his family to such a generous fellow.

Divine Boons of Gayatri 

 Wicked intellect, on the contrary weakens the vigor of prana by draining it in untoward thoughts and sinful activities driven by selfish passions and immediate gains. It plunges one’s life deeper in the mire of ignorance, confusion, perversion and sins. Cravings, avarice, fear, ego and self-obsessive ambitions shield the divinity within and eventually diminish the mental strength and talents too…; thus leading to endless sufferings, sorrows and decline. The divine light of Gayatri illuminates righteous intellect and inculcates virtuous and saintly tendencies. 

Every step guided by its inspiration is a sublime move towards welfare, peace and happiness. The farsighted wisdom educed by the grace of Gayatri strengthens one’s virtuous talents, enlightens the prana and gradually bestows greater success and glory in ideal direction. 

The Sin-destroying power 

Gayatri is the savior force and pious light for those entrapped in the vicious cycle of crass-selfish and evil instincts and those loosing the invaluable human life in shear ignorance. It kindles the spark of eternal bliss and thus provides a divine support, a courageous hope and liberates and saves the prana of people from the smog of illusion and perversion… The path to righteous evolution opens up with the inspiration of Gaaatri and the silver line of peace, progress and true joy begins to shine with soothing glow in the devotee’s life.

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