The Law of Karma

Hinduism believes that God, who is pure bliss and merciful, does not punish or reward anyone. He molds our destinies based upon our own thoughts and deeds. Every action of a person, in thought or deed, brings results, either good or bad, depending upon the moral quality of the action, in accordance with the adage, As you sow, so shall you reap. Human actions do not occur without consequences. Moral consequences of all actions are conserved by Nature.

 “God keeps an accurate record of all things good and bad. There is no better accountant on earth” , says Mahatma Gandhi. If a person performs righteous deeds, he or she will be born into a better life in the next incarnation. For example, a sinner who leads an immoral life will be born as a poor human or as an animal in the next incarnation. A person is born again and again to reap the fruits of his or her own actions. This cycle of birth and rebirth continues until the person attains moksha, or freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

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