Sanskrit word "Yagya" means "Sat Karma - Noble Deeds". All activities in the limitless expansion of the universe are said to have generated from a grand eternal Yajna (Yagya). Yagya means - selfless sacrifice for noble purposes.

The behaviour pattern of Nature follows the spirit of Yagya. The Ocean gives its water to the clouds. Clouds carry and pour then as rain. Rain fed soils and rivers and in turn return to ocean. Each part of body constantly working for the well-being of the whole body. Wherever we turn our eyes we can see that the cosmos is run on the yagya spirit

Yagya comprises of three elements:

    Worship of Gods - Appreciating noble qualities
    Togetherness - Unity
    Charity - Welfare/Donation

Rishis have said that  yagya is like the hub of the wheels of creation.

The Teachings & Philosophy of yagya:-

The real purpose of Yagya is to imbibe virtues like self-sacrifice, self-restraint (sanyam), charity, beneficence, generosity, compassion etc. in our daily life. It inspires us to surrender everything, body, mind, ego and soul to God. A Sadhak on surrendering himself to God, who has been described as Yagya-purush in the scriptures, becomes one with Yagya, just as samidhas on being consumed in the sacrificial fire of Yagya become fire itself.

The real Yagya is to follow the directions and inspirations of our indwelling divinity and imbibe righteous tendencies. Constant remembrance of the Divine, keeping an attitude of detachment and remaining engrossed in regular sacred studies and devotion amounts to leading a Yagyiya life.

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