Path of Spirituality

The Sanskrit word yoga is derived from the root word yuj, meaning union. The Upanishads are the original source of Yogic philosophy. Different practices and paths of Yoga are aimed towards the development of subtle powers of inner being to discover higher truth that forms the basis of religious faiths and beliefs.

There are three main divisions of yoga:

The word karma (derived from the Sanskrit root kri, meaning 'to do'), denotes an action that brings back results in this life or in the future life. Karma Yoga (or the yoga of action) teaches that selfless work performed in the spirit of service to God and for the welfare... See More

The path of Jnana Yoga is suited for those who are gifted with strong mental and intellectual faculties. This path emphasis on the true knowledge regarding the nature of the self, and requires sharp intellect coupled with intense spiritual longing. Since ignorance (avidya) obscures the self from achieving salvation, the... See More

Bhakti Yoga is the path of selfless devotion, worship, reverence, self-surrender and adoration of God. This path of realization is more suitable for those who are natural emotional bent of mind. Since it is the ego (ahankara) that keeps an individual separated from God, the aim of Bhakti Yoga is... See More

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