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The ancient Indian rishis were scientists of spirituality, consciousness and Nature. Their acumen into the deepest depth of human mind had enabled them to develop a perfect science of systematic refinement and escalation of intrinsic faith and inherent tendencies of human self. They had developed the system of shodash sanskaras – sixteen sacraments.

The combination of powerful mantras and procedures of yagya associated with each of these rituals had resulted from long-term dedicated research conducted by the rishis.

Punsvan Sanskar (Baby Showers)The Punsvan Sanskar (Baby Showers) Performed during the period of pregnancy, invoking blessings for Divine protection for his/her bright future. The sanskar is normally performed when the child is in the form of a fetus - three months old in the mother's womb. However, it can be... See More

Namkaran Sanskar (Namin ceremony)The ceremony of naming the child - A sacrament for imposing of divinity in newly-born human child. The Namkaran Sanskar (Naming Ceremony) of the child is normally performed on the tenth day after birth, but can be performed within a month or whenever name is given to... See More

Annaprashan Sanskar .Administering food to the child for the first time - Sowing the seed of purity in Annamaya-Kosh of the child. Performed at the age of 6 months or when a child starts eating solid food for the first time. The food is offered to Yagya Bhagvan first and... See More

Mundan (Tonsure ceremony) :-The Mundan Sanskar (tonsure ceremony) of children - Eradication of beastly tendencies & sowing seeds. It is performed at the age between 1 and 3 years regardless of gender. Nowhere in our scriptures are mentioned the differences between a girl and a boy. In fact, the Vedas... See More

Vidyarambha Sanskar :-To initiate development of mind and install intellectual competence in the child.This sanskar is performed at the age when a child starts initial schooling- generally between 4-6 years. The Vidhyarambha sanskar is indeed the righteous initiation of knowledge. It is performed to initiate development of mind and to... See More

Yagyopaveet Sanskar The sacred thread ceremony - Installation of the principles of Indian culture - taking pledge to lead disciplines, dignified spiritual life . The most important sanskar for teenagers and youth , regardless of gender. It indeed gives "new birth" ( dwijatva ) to a person. The development of... See More

Deeksha Sanskar :-To invoke patronage of the Divine Power - dedication of the disciple to his/her Divine Guide.Related Link: - दीक्षा की प्रक्रिया और व्यवस्था... See More

Vivah Sanskar:-"The Marriage ceremony - Sacred union of two soul s - An entry into the dignified family life . "Related Article: - विवाह संस्कार का महत्व विवाह का स्वरूप वर-वधू की प्रतिज्ञाएं... See More

Vanparshtya Sanskar:-Vanprastha Sanskar (Dedicating the retired life to the community service )" A unique feature of Divine Indian culture - Pledge to devote the remaining period of life in the service of humanity."Related Articles: -वानप्रस्थ द्वारा व्यक्ति और समाज का अभिनव निर्माण... See More

Antyeshthee Sanskar:-Antyesthi (Last Rites)"The cremation of mortal remains - Inculcation of belief in the immortality of soul and transience of physical body. "Related Articles: -Karmakand for AntyeshtheeSanskar... See More

Shradhhya Tarpan Sanskar:-Shraddh (Prayers to the departed soul )"To remember and pay homage to the deceased, departed ancestors for seeking their blessings "Related Article: - सच्चा श्राद्ध... See More

Janmdivas Sanskar (Birth Day Celebration):-Birthday celebration - A sacrament to contemplate upon the significance of the human life and chalking out plans for future developments and progress. The way birthdays of God Ram and Krishna celebrated - everyone should also celebrate their own birth day with same intensity at any... See More

Marriage Anniversary (Vivah Divas Sanskar ):-Ceremony to celebrate the day of marriage - Self introspection about one's marital responsibilities - its attainment and discharge. It is a very important sanskar for today's world. It is like renewing the marriage - recall the promises and commitment made to each other in... See More

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