Janma Divas Sanskar

Janmdivas Sanskar (Birth Day Celebration)

Birthday celebration -
A sacrament to contemplate upon the significance of the human life and chalking out plans for future developments and progress. The way birthdays of God Ram and Krishna celebrated - everyone should also celebrate their own birth day with same intensity at any age. The human body is made of 5 elements - water, fire, earth, air & aakash (Ether). On that day - one should pay respect toward these elements and vow to effective utilization and preservation for upcoming generation. This also helps in solving Global worming problem. Along with that, one promise to leave a bad habit and gain a good habit to go toward divinity. If it is followed in every birthday then it is believed that one day human will become almost perfect and very close to God .

Short Steps for Janmdivas (Birth day celebration) sanskar in Hindi :-

जन्मदिन का संदेश - Must Read.
karmakand for janmadivaasasanskar

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