Punswan Sanskar

Punsvan Sanskar (Baby Showers)

The Punsvan Sanskar (Baby Showers) Performed during the period of pregnancy, invoking blessings for Divine protection for his/her bright future. The sanskar is normally performed when the child is in the form of a fetus - three months old in the mother's womb. However, it can be performed after three months also. A specific herbal preparation energized in the sacrificial fire of yagya is given to the mother to reach the fetus. This special 'treatment' performed with chanting of mantras during a yagya strengthens health y development of the gross (physical), subtle (mental) and astral (conscious) body of the child.

The experiments on the Punsvan sanskar (baby showers) have revealed startling results: the mothers, who were prone to abortion or whose earlier issues were subjected to metabolic system's deficiencies or to some genetic disorders since birth, have delivered health y babies after this sanskar . It has now been accepted by the research ers that the charu or purodash (herbal preparation) processed under the vitally charged vapors of yagya affects the cellular and molecular (including genetic) systems.

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