Vivah Divas Sanskar

Marriage Anniversary (Vivah Divas Sanskar ):-

Ceremony to celebrate the day of marriage - Self introspection about one's marital responsibilities - its attainment and discharge. It is a very important sanskar for today's world. It is like renewing the marriage - recall the promises and commitment made to each other in front of fire during marriage. During the marriage due to so many steps and tiredness involved - normally the couple couldn't focus on the teachings and steps of marriage. By this sanskar - the couple can focus on rituals and teachings & do review of marriage life the way Vedic methods explain. There are proper steps & guidelines on responsibility of couples toward each other, and their combined responsibility for society ( saptpadi ).

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वर-वधू की प्रतिज्ञाएं
विवाह एक व्रत है-एक संकल्प भी
हिन्दू संस्कृति में विवाह का उद्देश्य
विवाहों के आदर्श ऊँचे रखे जायें
पतिव्रत और पत्निव्रत साथ-साथ
karmakand for vivahadivas sanakar

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