Step by Step Guidance

Spiritual masters say: 'Remember! The Soul in you is indestructible. You are not a non-entity, but a magnificent creation of God. Do not feel weak in any respect. Nor beg for anything. You are immensely powerful. There are no limitations to what you can do. The potentials with which you have appeared in this world can undoubtedly overcome all obstacles in your way to success. Your capabilities are more powerful than the obstructions to be overcome. Success and happiness are your birthrights. Wake up! Identify your true self; assess your means and resources and wisely go ahead towards the set goal. You will find that there is nothing that you aspire for is beyond your reach. You are success personified. Come forward and take  charge of what is your due.'

Pure Bliss is inherent in the very nature of the Soul. Man instinctively endeavors to interact with this internal source of happiness. That is why everyone desires to be happy. In the absence of the correct means and wisdom required for attaining lasting happiness, man resorts to quench this natural... See More

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In the next stage, the reality of Aham as an entity independent of the body and mind is discussed. Here it is necessary to understand that Aham described in this context is neither Ego nor Ahamkar-the Aham-Vritti (thought waves generated by Aham). The Random HouseEnglish Dictionary defines Ego as 'the... See More

Till now, an attempt has been made to introduce the seeker to his Inner-Self and to various faculties of the mind covering it.  Now first try to understand the interrelationship between the individual Soul (Aham) and the Supreme Soul (Parmatma) i.e. God. As a matter of fact, the Aham of... See More

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