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The tortoise is only aware of the water surrounding it. It is ignorant of the renewal of water around it because of the movement of the current. We are hardly aware of the movements of perpetually flowing natural currents of matter around us. These currents are not merely flowing through... See More

An enlightened person feels an intuitive affinity with everything in the creation. To him, nothing in the world appears alien, ugly, despicable or unworthy of close intimacy He does not consider the nests of the birds less significant than his personal residence. Such an elevated level of empathetic enlightenment is... See More

No doubt, the Soul has its immortal existence, but this is so in its inseparable relation to the Supreme Soul/Spirit (Parmeshwar); which transcends the limitations of Time-Space paradigm of the manifest universe. This is the ultimate state of unity. This is the ultimate level of Self-realization, attaining which, the individual... See More

Many persons aspire for spiritual progress but do not achieve the desired progress because of their halfhearted, lop-sided process of Sadhana. The goal of Sadhana is to violently shake man out of his body-conscious state of slumber, so that he becomes fully awakened to the reality of his true identity... See More

Why should one get initiated into path of self realization when one has no faith in life after death?One may argue that all efforts of a common man are focused on the pleasures of this world only; that most of the time of man in his daily routine is taken... See More

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