Aim of life

The soul derives immediate pleasure in righteous deeds (satkarma). After decease of the physical body, in jivas securance of emancipation (sadgati), the agency is again these deeds. Thus, both in this world (loka) and the other (parloka), inner happiness depends on acts of righteousness. The soul’s interest, therefore, consists in acquisition of spiritual merit (punya-prayojana). Interests of the gross body lie in a contrary direction; the external senses and the mind long for worldly enjoyments to the maximum possible extent. By adopting this course of action, man spends his whole life trying to satisfy the insatiable appetites of the mortal body and, in the process, goes on sinning and accumulating demerits. The senses do get entertained this way, but the soul has to suffer both here and in the hereafter. When interests of the soul are catered to, the body is put to discomfort.  It has to endure the rigours of austerity , sacrifice, continence, sense-control altruistic service, charitableness etc. Thus, we find that interests of the body and that of the soul, are mutually exclusive; in the pleasure of one, lies the pain of the other.

The man of awakened awareness knows that events happen as per Divine Will and not according to ego-centered individual likes and dislikes.On becoming aware of the immortal indwelling Soul, one does not get unduly influenced, agitated or disturbed by the ups and downs of life. Dualities of profit and loss,... See More

The moment a person realizes the necessity of Soul-Awakening, there is a sea-change in his attitude towards life. Sense-indulgence loses charm for him. When the wisdom of Self-Awareness dawns within,  he realizes that the body is merely a garment of clay or an instrument for Self-Expression in the visible world;... See More

The discovery of the Indwelling Real Self makes a person realize that he is neither this body nor the mind-stuff (Sookshma Shareer) both of which are only Soul's instruments. Realization of this truth frees man from the bondage of body and mind. This  fable would explain this phenomenon... See More

Once having a glimpse of the true Self, the seeker can never return to the confines of the old narrow perspective of self. In common human life in each moment, there is a lurking worry and fear of a possible disaster. Man is in desperate search of a perennial source... See More

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