End of all sorrows

The man of awakened awareness knows that events happen as per Divine Will and not according to ego-centered individual likes and dislikes.On becoming aware of the immortal indwelling Soul, one does not get unduly influenced, agitated or disturbed by the ups and downs of life. Dualities of profit and loss, life and death, union and separation, respect and insult, attachment and aversion, etc produce very negligible reaction in a Soul-Conscious person. He takes these as routine, natural happenings of this ever-changing world.  The enlightened person disinterestedly views the passing show of happenings like a detached spectator - neither elated by so-called pleasant events nor dejected by unpleasant ones. A Soul-Conscious person easily escapes from the stresses and strains, which keep on tormenting and disturbing the body-conscious persons and at times, under intense stress, driving them to take the extreme step of suicide.

There is also that story about the lion's cub, who, on being brought up in the company of lambs developed the timidity of Iambs; but when it saw its image, the true-self, in water, it regained its real lion-like confidence and strength. This is exactly what Who am?

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