Freedom from Bondages

The discovery of the Indwelling Real Self makes a person realize that he is neither this body nor the mind-stuff (Sookshma Shareer) both of which are only Soul's instruments. Realization of this truth frees man from the bondage of body and mind.

This  fable would explain this phenomenon more explicitly: A monkey happens to come across a pitcher full of nuts. It puts its hand in the pitcher, grabs a fistful, but is unable to withdraw the filled fist because of the narrow mouth of the pitcher. The monkey starts crying in panic, believing that the pitcher is holding its hand. It is able to pull out the hand, the moment it realizes the truth and releases the nuts.

Likewise, man suffers because he clings to his carnal weaknesses like attachment, likes, dislikes, sex, anger, etc. The moment he exercises his conscious willpower to shake off these self-imposed addictions, he is instantly freed from the bondage of ignorance.

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