Rewards of Soul awareness

The moment a person realizes the necessity of Soul-Awakening, there is a sea-change in his attitude towards life. Sense-indulgence loses charm for him. When the wisdom of Self-Awareness dawns within,  he realizes that the body is merely a garment of clay or an instrument for Self-Expression in the visible world; that this unique, invaluable human life should not be wasted in trivialities of Self-Glorification and indulgences in the comforts and pleasures of body. On becoming Soul- Conscious, he identifies himself with ATMA (Soul) and all his interests are directed towards well-being and joy of the Soul. He single-pointedly uses every moment of his life in cultivating Soul attributes. Thus, a body-engrossed person leads a miserably unhappy and animal-like existence whereas the Soul-Conscious person follows a life-path conforming to highest ethical and spiritual standards leading to abiding peace and joy.

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